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Welcome to AWG Paris. Whether you're setting foot into our community for the first time or have been a member for a while, a warm and heartfelt welcome to you!

To our new members: It is a pleasure to have you join our community of international women. As you navigate the charm and energy of Paris, our group is here to help you settle in, share experiences, seek guidance, and form bonds that can last a lifetime.

To our existing members: Thank you for continuing to be the backbone of our group. Your contributions and unwavering support have built the foundation upon which we stand today. Your experiences will help those just starting their journey with us.

To our potential members: I hope you will join our energetic and welcoming community.

Here at the American Women's Group of Paris, our mission remains clear: to foster connections, encourage personal discovery and development and celebrate our shared experiences. Paris, with its rich history and culture, serves as our beautiful backdrop.

As you immerse yourself in our community, remember that every member, new and old, enriches our community. I encourage you to attend our events, participate in our philanthropic projects and volunteer in the running of our group and events.But above all, I hope you find lifelong friendships and memories here.

Here's to the adventures, lessons, and joys we'll share together in the City of Lights!

Warm regards,

Caroline Highcock


The American Women's Group of Paris

Want to learn more? Watch our video to learn more about AWG Paris.

AWGParis is a secular, non-profit volunteer organization.  Our purpose is to foster and encourage social, educational and cultural activities among English-speaking women in France and to assist in furthering Franco-American relations. Our fundraising supports organizations that serve women and children in need. We welcome English speaking women of every nationality.

AWG Paris is a proud member of the 

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