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A Short History of the American Women's Group in Paris

The American Women’s Group in Paris was first organized in 1921 as the American Women’s Club of Paris with the objectives of serving American women either resident or visiting in France; encouraging friendly relations between women of the United States and women of nations associated with the United States in the great war; creating a center of social and educational activity, and assisting in furthering American philanthropy.

From the 1926 edition of Americans in France, a directory published by the American Chamber of Commerce: Since its organization in 1921, the Club has effectively lived up to the program outlined above. In a variety of ways it has become a vital part of the life of Americans in Paris and its handsome new clubhouse is the most important social center for Americans in France. Its art exhibitions, musicals and concerts have allowed its members to keep in touch with the best that is being produced in these fields and the distinguished guests who have spoken at the Club luncheons have presented in an interesting and informative manner many of the most timely questions of the day.

Paris was full of Americans in the ‘20s and ‘30s. The Harlem Renaissance and the Lost Generation comprised wealthy expats, socialites, journalists, photographers, writers, artists, bankers, diplomats, dilettantes, debutantes, jazz musicians, dancers and divorcees. 

For many of these Americans abroad, the festivities ended when the winds of war began to blow again. By 1937, so many Americans had already left Paris that the Club was not able to elect officers.The American Women's Club was in abeyance until 1949, when American women decided once again that they needed an organization in Paris.

From the 1966-67 Annual Report of Activities: The American Women's Group in Paris was organized in 1949 as an outgrowth of the pre-war American Women's Club to foster and encourage social, cultural and educational activities among American women living in France and to assist in furthering Franco-American relations...Each year our activities in pursuit of our aims have become more varied and numerous.

To be continued…….

       Mrs. Beekman, Mrs. Barry Wall, Amelia Earhart, Mrs. Benjamin Connor

AWGParis is a secular, non-profit volunteer organization.  Our purpose is to foster and encourage social, educational and cultural activities among English-speaking women in France and to assist in furthering Franco-American relations. Our fundraising supports organizations that serve women and children in need. We welcome English speaking women of every nationality.

AWG Paris is a proud member of the 

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