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The American Women’s Group in Paris is proud to be a member of FAWCO an international network of 60 member clubs in over 30 countries, that advocates for improvements in the lives of women and girls worldwide. FAWCO serves as a both a resource and a voice for its members. As an active member of AWG Paris, you are also a member of FAWCO.

FAWCO TARGET PROJECT From 2015 - 2019, AWG Paris donated over 11,000€ to FAWCO’s selected Target Projects, a multi-year cycle of issue awareness and education, project monitoring, and review and evaluation. Past years have focused on the Malaria Program (2005-2009), the Tabitha Wells for Clean Water, Cambodia (2009-2013), Free the Girls, Mozambique (2014-2017) and Hope Beyond Displacement (2017-2019). FAWCO has raised over $600,000 for these projects, in addition to educating and raising awareness about these issues.

The 2019-2022 FAWCO Target Project, focuses on Empowering Women and Girls by Ensuring Healthy Lives and Promoting Well-Being. AWG Paris has donated over 4800 € to the FAWCO Health Target Project, S.A.F.E. (Safe Alternatives for FGM Elimination), a project of Hope for Girls and Women Tanzania.   

S.A.F.E. (Safe Alternatives for FGM Elimination)project of Hope for Girls and Women Tanzania (HGWT) is the Target Project for 2019-2022. HGWT is an organization that advocates to end female genital mutilation (FGM) and other harmful practices affecting women and children in Tanzania including but not limited to intimate partner violence, child marriage and other forms of violence. 

    RhobiThe history of HGWT is a history of its founder, Rhobi Samwelly. At age 11, Rhobi lost a close friend to FGM. When Rhobi’s parents began to organize her cutting ceremony at age 13, she strongly resisted. She abandoned a plan to run away when she realized she had nowhere to go. With no options, she underwent the ceremony during which she lost so much blood that her mother thought she was dying. These memories inspired Rhobi's commitment to save other girls from a similar fate. Her passion propelled her to become an anti-FGM activist and to establish HGWT.

      FAWCO’s U.S. Issues FAWCO is the oldest and largest non-partisan organization representing private sector Americans abroad. FAWCO works to keep the public up to date on issues important to Americans living and working overseas, including citizenship, voting, taxation, and banking concerns.

      FAWCO UN Advocacy FAWCO is also an United Nations-accredited NGO with special consultative status with the UN Economic and Social Council with representatives focusing on issues of education, environment, health and human rights as relates to women and children.

      Please see www.fawco.org for more information.

      AWG Paris is a proud member of the 


      The Region 3 Conference of FAWCO clubs sponsored by the American Women's Group in Paris was a wonderful time for all who attended. AWG FAWCO Rep Sandra Gogel and Rebecca DeFraites, FAWCO Membership Chair and a longtime AWG member, put together a weekend of sight-seeing, dining, and networking enjoyed by more than 70 members from clubs in France, Spain, Germany, Morocco. Lebanon, and the Netherlands.

      Guest speakers included Kristina Kvien, Acting Deputy Chief of Mission at the American Embassy in Paris; FAWCO President Sallie Chaballier, President of the FAWCO Foundation Suzanne Wheeler, and Tricia Saur, the Target Project Chair. A raffle raised 710 euros toward the Target Project, which was supplemented by AWG Paris to total 1,000 euros and will be matched by the DeGroot Foundation by another 1,000. We are so pleased to have had this opportunity to bring everyone together.

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